Your New Relationship With Food

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” — Rumi

When I first saw this quote it really resonated with me and the healing I have done with my food addiction. For too many years I had denied that I had an addiction; as far as I was concerned I just liked to eat…too much at times, but still.

It was only when I was willing to actually face up to my addiction that I was able to start the healing process towards a healthier life. It wasn’t easy. In my head I knew exactly what I needed to do to be healthy. Eat less, exercise more, and cut down on the alcohol and sugar. Mentally it made perfect sense. Emotionally, not so much.

When I actually hit rock bottom, at 5’4″, 267 pounds, size 3X and almost not able to fit into a regular airline seatbelt, the pain that surrounded me was overwhelming. I felt like I had failed at the most basic part of life. I couldn’t control a basic function, eating. So the pain was intense, and the wound was deep and festering.

But like the quote showed me, the wound is really where the light enters you. And the light is anything that inspires hope in you. It could be a religious thing, a spiritual thing, a light at the end of the tunnel—whatever it is for you. The light is the chance to change, the chance to reclaim your life and control.

For me the light was a lot of therapy, journaling and having a coach. I have found that the therapy helps to unlock the doors to the pain. Journaling helps you with your journey through it. But it’s the coaching with someone who can guide you to new healthy habits that is the lock on the new front door of your life.

You are the only one who can open the door to your healing and wellness. No one but you really knows what drives you to overeat, drink too much, sleep too much, or not exercise. Only you have the answers to the WHY. But if you are struggling right now, even if you know your WHY, you don’t know the HOW. The HOW is where a professional comes in. We all need someone who can guide us, empower us, and inform us. Look to a guide. It may be a therapist, a pastor/rabbi/priest, a life coach, a health coach…but it’s someone who can take a neutral stand in your life and point you gently in the right direction.

And then I ask you to do something…pay it forward, and help the next person you see hurting. Whether it’s you personally or pointing them in the direction of a coach for them.

I wish you the best on your healing journey.

Guest Blogger: Susanne Romo

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