Your Breakfast Is Making You Gain Weight

American breakfast staples such as cold cereal, donuts, yogurt, bagels, cream cheese, orange juice, frappuccino are all corporate scams making them lots of money and packing on weight for us. 

In 1894, Michigan Seventh-Day Adventist surgeon John Kellogg developed the process of flaking cooked grains. (Corn Flakes & Rice Krispies). Cold cereal was first invented by a vegetarian (Kellogg) and the health industry but C.W. Post stole the idea and shifted it towards targeting adults and children who love sugar.  Cold cereal is totally an American invention that is now extremely unhealthy. 

The same scams in marketing sugary breakfast goes for these staples.  You are basically eating dessert.


Chobani blueberry flavor (1 serving, 15 g, 130 calories) Breyers French vanilla ice cream (1/2 cup, 14 g, 140 calories)
Dunkin Donuts banana chocolate chip muffin (1 serving, 46 grams sugar, 510 calories) Starbucks vanilla cupcake (34 g. sugar, 400 calories)
IHOP NY cheesecake pancake (1 serving, 55 g sugar, 940 calories) Cheesecake Factory chocolate tower cake (51 g sugar, 1,679 calories)
Quaker Oats and Honey granola (1 cup, 26 g. sugar, 420 calories) 5 Oreo cookies (23 g. sugar, 266 calories)
General Mills Nature Valley sweet and salty nut granola bars (1 bar, 12 g. sugar, 170 calories) Oh Henry! Candy bar (fun size, 14 g. sugar, 120 calories)


These are just a few examples.  American breakfasts are loaded with sugar.  Try eggs with veggies, hot oats, Siggi’s yogurt (an Icelandic brand) is 25-50% less sugar, and the Japanese consume fish, rice, miso for breakfast.  American breakfast made us even more addicted to sugar and therefore gaining more weight.  Get out of this trap! (numbers adapted from Vox). 

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~ Samantha Hua, Nutrition & Holistic Health Coach, San Diego, CA