Workouts That Work

Do you find yourself doing well and then falling off the “track?” Who invented these tracks that are so hard to stay on? I suggest looking at health is a very different light. It all starts with the conductor – our brain.

My clients who hit the “ah-ha” moment never fall off the track because the track is too much fun and feels too good to want to leave it. At the moment, our “tracks” are full of torture – exercises we hate, healthy food that’s bland and restrictive, and the “I should” voices that bombard our head.

We need to thoroughly enjoy, do things we love, eat food we love, and set up a very different system. It all starts with understanding our body, making baby changes, and removing the barriers that prevent us from success. Pleasure and enjoyment is the only way to succeed in being healthy and getting the body you want.

Are you ready for the challenge? This is one reason why I’ve hosted different fitness workshops to help you find your “joy.” Please let me know which other workshops you would like to attend and let’s feel great moving our bodies and feeding it amazing food.

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