Words affect our health by health coach

Words Affect Our Health

As social creatures, words affect our health.  How?  Friends, family, and even strangers make withdrawals and deposits into each other’s body with every word.  We contribute to the structure and function of each other’s brain.  Our neurons gradually change with every interaction we have.  So, if you’re around someone you care about, studies show that your breathing and heart beat start to synchronize.  I’d like to dive deeper and analyze how words affect our health.  At Happy Food, we believe that health is determined not only by nutrition but so much more including mental health and words.

Effect of Words on Health

When we raise our voice or even just our eyebrow, we can affect what happens inside someone else’s body.  So words really do matter.  Studies show we live longer, happier lives when we’re in supportive relationships.  We are less likely to be sick if we are in supportive, caring relationships.  And if we’re already sick with major illnesses, we heal faster being in these relationships.  If you’re holding the hands of a sick loved one, that person feels less pain.  This is true in a marriage, friendships, and even for pet owners.

Conversely, we die earlier when we feel lonely.  Some people could be in a room full of people and feel alone, or in a marriage and feel lonely.

Words Regulate Our Health

Why do words affect our health?  Evidently, the brain regions that process language also manage organs and other systems in the body.  Therefore, calming words calm us.  Hateful words overwhelm our bloodstream with hormones, making this metabolically costly.

Stress can cause a change in blood pressure, faster heart rate, sweating, etc., but you can recover and even become stronger due to this.  Unfortunately, chronic stress over time like verbal abuse, neglect, rejection, and the like can cause damage to the brain and result in illness.

Word’s Effect over Space and Time

Over prolonged periods, words can physically damage the brain.  In summary, if we control our emotions and take responsibility for ourself, then we can aspire for a healthier body, better mental health, and a peaceful world.

Words affect our health across the planet too.  A simple text from someone far away can change our heart rate, breathing, and metabolism.  This is also true through time such as reading old books, watching old film, etc.

Hence, think before you speak (to yourself and to others).  Don’t just focus on nutrition and exercise, but also pay attention to sleep, stress, relationships, and WORDS.  The best and worst thing for your nervous system is another human, so choose your relationships wisely.

Support is the key to success. 

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~ Samantha Hua, Online Nutrition Coach & Holistic Health Coach, San Diego, CA