Weight Measurement Methods Have Failed Us

Do you weigh yourself weekly? Daily? Then, get super frustrated, maybe even discouraged? We need to go beyond the scale. Since the 1950s, the scale was a main source of weight measurement. When scientists realized it didn’t tell a complete story, they invented the Body Mass Index in the 1970s. This measured our body to muscle mass but that also proved very inaccurate. Then they developed the body-fat percentage using a skin-fold test. This failed to measure fat distribution for disease prevention. The best measurement at the moment is probably the waist-to-hip ratio but it seems all these measurements only spiral us downwards.

I’m more interested in methods that make us successful as well as preventing diseases and feeling great in our body. We want to reduce visceral belly fat which increases inflammation and the risk of cancer. Here are 4 tips to reduce that visceral fat.

  • Keep insulin stable. Reduce processed food, sugar, and refined grains. These items make us more fat.
  • Eat more anti-inflammatory foods. This allows the body to self regulate, reduce fat, and add more nutrients resulting in more energy and weight loss.
  • Exercise. Although most of weight loss is from our diet, exercise helps regulate insulin, stress, etc.
  • Chill pill. Stress adds fat believe it or not (and mostly in the hip and waist). Plus, when I’m stressed, I don’t think a big bowl of broccoli.

So relax, enjoy, make amazing meals, smile, play, enjoy the outdoors, connect with people, and put that toxic scale away.

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~ Samantha Hua, Nutrition & Holistic Health Coach, San Diego, CA