Weight Loss Tips: Guaranteed You Will Succeed

Let’s get healthy and happy in this new year by being gentle with ourselves, by approaching health and weight loss with love so that this time you are Guaranteed to Succeed FOREVER. Here are just a few tips, but make sure you get support.

Just One Mistake. Don’t let one indulgence make you quit your path to good health. Whether it’s not exercising, eating “bad” food, or drinking too much, it’s just one time. Forgive yourself and move forward. Don’t say “screw it” and get deeper in the hole.

No Denials. Don’t deny yourself of your favorite food. Make room for them in your plan. For every restriction, there is an equal and opposite binge.

No Guilt. Get rid of guilt. We’re not out to eat perfect. Enjoy your indulgence and put it into perspective. So much of weight loss is psychological so don’t allow guilt to set you back.

Eat Slowly. When we eat slowly, we allow our stomach time to tell our brain we are full.

Stop Emotional Eating. Are you eating emotionally or out of hunger? We often use food to fill a void when we are bored, sad, or stressed.

Physical Activity. Our body needs to move. Engage in physical activity that you love and that makes you feel good. At least 30 minutes, 4 days out of the week. Start slow and work your way up.

Overeating Away From Home. When we eat out, the portions are often too big. Put half in a box and eat the rest of your food slowly. Listen to your body.

Read Labels. Lots of toxins, calories, and sugars are hidden in packaged food. Read labels before purchasing.

Get Rid of the Scale. My clients go backwards when they get on the scale and see a number they dislike. Throw the scale out the window and focus on how you feel, how your pants fit, and short-term goals like quitting soda, eating more vegetables, exercising, etc.

STOP Dieting. Most importantly, stop dieting. Take baby steps and make this a lifestyle change. Short term dieting leads to weight loss, then weight gain and all over again. What can you sustain for the long haul?

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This is the year to finally succeed.