Weight Loss IS Fun

Losing weight is fun!!! Really! It has to be–there are no other options. If you can’t sustain something forever, it will never last. I can sustain having fun forever, but I can’t sustain counting calories, measuring my food, starving myself then binging, squeezing my love handles every day, doing all the things I hate at the gym, pushing my body in a way that bores me, and self-loathing my body in the mirror. Can you relate to any of these?

Weight lose HAS to be fun and pleasurable or you will never succeed. What activities did you enjoy as a kid? Do it! I am seriously wimpy at the gym (I last 15 minutes), but I can play 6 hours of beach volleyball. And I just took the plunge, and I am competing on the Outrigger Canoeing team. Never done it before, but this new activity forces me to practice 3 times per week. Wish me luck. I’ll need it!!! If you love the gym, that’s great. If you don’t, what sport, activity, or dance do you enjoy?
Another way to really succeed at weight lose is to be happy….having fun really is THE key. Not only does it reduce emotional eating, but it’s a physiological response. We turn on our parasympathetic system and our digestion/metabolism functions much more efficiently. Here are some tips for happiness:

  • Happy state of mind – Make your glass half full. People whose glasses are half empty fall prey to many diseases and weight gain.
  • Mind & Body – Our head is connected to our body and when we eat poorly, don’t move or get enough rest, then we compromise both our physical and mental health.
  • Pleasure – At work or at home, we need to engage in activities that make us happy. Make sure you have happiness boosters throughout your week—something to look forward to.
  • Simplify – Are you too busy and have no time for yourself or for pleasure? Make your life a little simpler. No one on their death bed wish they worked an extra day.
  • Give yourself permission to be human – we make mistakes, we have emotions, we are human.
  • Gratitude – We often take life for granted. Appreciate and savor your food, your family, your friends, and the beauty around you. Take time to give gratitude for having all that you have.

Give me a call and I can share how to make weight loss and healthy living pleasurable. It’s the ONLY way.
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