Weight is the Least of Your Problems. True?

Your weight is the least of your problem.  I know your initial reaction is disagreement, but give it a moment.  Let’s be real for a second.  What else is it?  If you were in a room by yourself you would answer this question.  Maybe the answer is too scary or one you don’t care to address.

Our society is too busy judging us by weight, preaching us to count calories and focus on discipline, scrutinizing our food, obsessing over our scale, and pinching every ounce of extra fat we have.  We have missed the point.  What is really going on?

Do you need to work on balance, learn how to say “no,” improve time management, address depression/anxiety/stress, get rid of toxic people, change your attitude & focus on gratitude, attain a career that fulfills you, learn patience, learn self love, be present, and live the life you’re meant to live?

You’ve missed the boat if you’re still torturing yourself with the latest fad diet and workout routine that you hate.  What if I told you that your extra weight is a message to address a more rewarding issue (although, admittedly, a really clumsy message)?  Deep inside, you know it to be true so stop working on fixing just the exterior (or the symptoms).

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~Samantha Hua, Nutrition & Health Coach
San Diego, CA