Yeah, We Lost the House!!! (A Story About Healthy Weight Loss)

Have you ever been disappointed, sad, stressed, or even upset?  What are your coping skills?  Do you use food to feel temporarily better even though you know it only feels worse when the food/sugar high wears off?  I hear this so often.  And the weight creeps on until it feels like all of a sudden you’ve gained 20, 30, 40 lbs.  How did this happen??!!  Let me assure you it’s not due to stupidity or lack of self control.  It’s about how we trained our brains.  Let me share a personal story…

We’ve been house hunting which is a mix bag of excitement and stress.  We finally found a place that is cute, relatively fixed up, and in our perfect neighborhood.  We even help the seller hike up the price so they would choose us as a ‘strong’ buyer.  Sadly, we lost to a cash buyer.  Who are these people with barrels of cash anyways?

True, we were disappointed but oddly both my husband and I didn’t dwell on it at all.  We somehow just moved on even though we got emotionally attached to the place.  We did end up bidding on another house in different neighborhood but changed our mind and the very next day, there was a home available 2 blocks from the house we lost at the same price, bigger, and completely fixed up. Why am I sharing this story?

Sometimes, great things come from perceived “lost” if we only open our doors to something even better.  Unfortunately, most of us block this.  We cope with our negative energy, shove our face with sugar, and binge to feel better.  This was me in the past.  Every small blow was devastating, and life was so incredibly difficult.  Now that I and my clients have learned how resiliency and mental shifts can alter our destiny, life all of a sudden seems…EASY.  Everything always works out.

Watch your Thoughts, they become words;
Watch your Words, they become actions;
Watch your Actions, they become habits;
Watch your Habits, they become character;
Watch your Character, for it becomes your Destiny

This is the tone in my office for my weight loss clients.  We work on the true reasons why we over eat, mistreat our bodies, and have no discipline.  Instead of treating my clients like dumb children, making them count calories, and providing them with a list of good and bad foods, I’d much rather make eating exciting (who doesn’t like to eat??), work on mental shifts, and small wins that always domino-effect to more than you can imagine.  In my office, we transform and weight loss is just a by-product.

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~Samantha Hua, Nutrition & Health Coach
San Diego, CA