Want Your Family to Eat More Vegetables?

Studies show that “seductive names” make vegetables more appealing.  A team at Stanford found that vegetable sales went up by 25% with names such as “sizzlin’ beans, dynamite beets, or twisted citrus-glazed carrots” compared to basic labels like simply “carrots.”

Interestingly, seductive labels increased sales by 41% compared to “healthy restrictive” labels such as “carrots with sugar-free citrus dressing.”  The healthy label was actually a turn-off.  Sales were 35% higher compared to “healthy positive” label such as “smart-choice vitamin C citrus carrots.”

People are motivated by taste and tend to associate healthy food as less tasty.  This is why at Happy Food it is essential to promote delicious food and we should never sacrifice taste for health.  That said, as we learn about nutrition and change our habits, our palate also changes.  All my clients tell me they go back to their favorite treat and it’s not as tasty anymore (or it makes them sick now).  That’s how we loss weight…without restrictions!!

It’s so interesting how much psychology plays into eating and weight loss which is why we focus on psychology.  Labels can really influence our sensory and affect how tasty food is.  So get your family excited about vegetables not by labeling them healthy or good for weight loss.  Jazz it up with favors and a snazzy label. 

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~ Samantha Hua, Nutrition & Holistic Health Coach, San Diego, CA