Unmotivated to Exercise? Try This.

If you’re not used to exercise, it can feel overwhelming to start.  But even if you’re an avid exerciser, you’re still at risk of heart disease if you sit for a living so listen up.  For every hour of sitting, we increase our coronary artery calcification by 14%.  Over time, this narrows the artery and leads to heart disease.  So hitting the gym hard doesn’t offset 9 hours of sitting for work yet just 2 minutes per hour of movement can really reduce the risk of death by 33%.
Here are some ideas to start moving throughout the day:
  • Wear a pedometer
  • Schedule walking meetings
  • Pace when you’re on the phone
  • Set reminders to walk
  • Speak to a co-worker in person instead of sending an email.
  • Be mindful of what you do after work.  Don’t do more sitting (and watching TV).  Plan for fun, moving activities.
With these small, necessary movements throughout the day, we still need some exercise that elevates our heart rate.  Do you struggle to get or stay motivated?  Well, focus on fun!  What’s fun to you?  We are all different so don’t do what’s right for someone else.  I love team sports, I love the outdoors, I love being with people who make me happy.  What about you?  Focus your exercise on what makes you happy.  Here are some tips:
  • Find a buddy.  Funny how we can let ourselves down but it’s harder to let someone else down.  Plus, it’s more fun with someone else.
  • Find a routine.  Schedule it in your calendar.  You are worth self-care!
  • Music is key.  Music helps me work a little harder and a little longer too.  Find what you like.  I also like listening to my audible books or podcast.  Learn to understand YOU and your needs/wants/desires.  No need to be like everyone else.
  • Shake it up.  Don’t do the same things.  For example, sometimes I play beach volleyball.  Other days, I swim, run, Zumba, hike, kayak, etc.  You get the message.  Make it fun and you won’t call it exercise.
  • Where, What, When, How. Who.  Know what to expect.  Find the “where” that jives with you.  I love the outdoors but if it’s dark and cold, I might opt for the gym in the winter.  Figure out “what” you’re doing, “when” you’re doing it, and “how” long, and with “whom.”

Good luck!!  Make it fun!!  Let me know how it goes and you must absolutely plan the exact time otherwise something else will always take over.  You are the most important and you can do this!

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~ Samantha Hua, Nutrition Coach & Holistic Health Coach, San Diego, CA