The Real Facts About Eating Out

Eat out means eating more.  I know I do.

In a research of 1000 people, those of normal weight averaged 550 calories per meal at home but 825 calories at a restaurant.  Those who are over-weight, ate 625 calories at home and 900 calories at a restaurant.  They also ate faster than their “normal” weight counterparts.

Check out these restaurant calorie counts out of 28,000 dishes at 245 restaurants:

  • Typical appetizer, 700 calories (a quarter of the dishes had more than 1,145 calories)
  • Typical entree, 590 calories (a quarter had more than 890)
  • Side dishes, 210 calories
  • Salads, 410 calories with dressing (another 150 calories)
  • Non-alcoholic beverage, 360 calories
  • Dessert, rolls, baked goods, 355 calories

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not banning restaurants.  A big part of life is eating out, socializing, and loving food.  It’s the 90/10 rule.  90% of the time, you do amazing and 10% of the time, you fully enjoy life as you wish.  (Don’t worry, I help you naturally and automatically manage that 10% so you’re not sabotaging everything.)

Although I teach my clients not to count calories and learn to listen to what your body needs/wants, I wrote out the calories so you can see how it affects your weight and health.

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