The No-Work Weight Loss Journey

At Happy Food, we believe in a journey that feels like weight loss is not work.  If it feels fun and easy, then you’ll be successful and stick with it FOREVER.  Here’s a rough journey that we take in the office.  Will you take it with us and give it a try?

  1. Make lists.  Make lists of healthy foods you like so that in the moment, you’ll always have a plan.  Make lists of foods you’d like to try too.  Make lists of goals so you can be held accountable.  I love lists.
  2. Fun exercise.  Why bother if it’s not fun.  Make exercise fun.  Join a team, make it silly; there’s a thousand and one ways to move.  Don’t forget to include others.  Having friends involved makes it even more fun.
  3. Nature.  Nature prevents depression.  Nature feeds the soul.  Get out in nature for hiking, camping, skiing, caving, exploring, etc.
  4. Play in the kitchen.  The kitchen is not a place of work and chores.  It’s a place to play, experiment, and create.  Our mindset is everything.  Set yourself up for a dreaded challenge and you’ll get just that.
  5. Savor.  Don’t forget to taste your delicious creation.  Enjoy your food.  Don’t inhale and vacuum it.  Slow and mindful eating is the best diet plan.  It helps us eat less.
  6. Partner in crime.  Find your partner who will take this ride with you.  That person doesn’t have to be physically close either.  Community creates happiness and success.
  7. Celebrate.  We are always working too hard and not celebrate enough.  Celebrate every tiny success.  Don’t treat yourself with food though.  Try getting exercise gear, books, baths, movies, trips, or whatever makes you feel happy.
  8. Feeling great.  Don’t forget to focus on how great you feel.  You deserve to feel confident, energetic, and feeling great in your skin.  This is not about discipline or self-control.   You are simply worth it!!!

This is definitely a journey.  Enjoy the journey and not just the destination.  I’d love to support you.

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~ Samantha Hua, Nutrition & Holistic Health Coach, San Diego, CA