Tax Accountant, 40, Want to Lose 25 lbs

As soon as I hit my mid-30s, my metabolism went down as I was told it would, but never truly believed it. Slowly, but surely the extra pounds started creeping in. Attending one of Samantha’s health seminars a week before my birthday was the eye opener I needed. I took it as a sign that the time has finally come to be healthier. I am now two months into my sessions and I am eating more fruits and vegetables than ever before. For the first time in five years, I am actually losing weight during crazy tax season instead of gaining weight. Having a health coach made me realize that it does help to have someone who, not only is helping me become accountable to myself and to be good to myself, but also is helping me open my eyes to a whole world of food variety out there. Thank you, Samantha, for guiding me along the right path towards eating healthier, and bringing out the best in me so that I can be a happier, healthier and a better person.