Office Assistant, 23, Sensitive Digestion and Want to Lose 26 lbs

Since my Happy Food class one year ago, I have not only increased my intake of healthier foods, like whole grains and colorful fruits and vegetables, but I have developed a lifestyle that I know I can maintain. I have fallen in love with running – both the treadmill and the beach. I am down three dress sizes and 35 lbs, although I have learned to not obsess with my size (I am not weighing myself everyday anymore!) I feel amazing. On top off all the excitement with my physical appearance, I feel 100% better inside. I don’t get as many cravings as I used to. Eating whole foods has allowed me to feel fuller, faster. I have learned to not beat myself up if I treat myself every once and a while and I have mastered the art of chewing slowly! I have learned the right tools to live a heather lifestyle, I have a new job that I absolutely love and I am getting married mid-April. I am so happy.