Steps to Get Fit

Simple steps to getting fit and feeling amazing.

  1. Make a choice. Make a conscious choice and decide to get fit and focus on how good it feels. Always focus on what you love about something.
  2. Make it fun!! It could be a sport, dancing, walking, etc. It never has to be the gym if you hate the gym.
  3. Daily activity. Do something active every single day even if it’s just a short walk.
  4. Schedule it. Make it an appointment in your calendar like a business meeting.
  5. Convenience. Always have workout clothes in your car. I randomly call up my friends for a swim or walk after work and they have learned to have their workout clothes ready.
  6. De-stress. Turn on your parasympathetic system by de-stressing. Stress = increased cortisol = weight gain in the mid-section. Love your body as it is now and pamper it. Some examples include reading, relaxing, quite time, play, cuddle, take a bath, and simply be positive.

Get the body you want, feel great, and get support. Let us know what you’re doing and where you’d like to take this.

For healthy cooking examples:



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