Stay Slim on Vacation

Summer is about getting out and having fun! LIFE is about having fun! It kills me to hear another client deny herself/himself of fun because of his or her weight. Understand that this is the very thing that makes us gain weight.

Once you fill your life with pleasure, appreciate the small things, and get connected with what makes you happy, the weight really sheds off. It doesn’t happen overnight. Here are some tips to stay slim while on vacation:

  1. Water. Always carry a water bottle. It keeps us full and not always craving food when we’re really just thirsty. Hydration contributes to a huge list of positive side effects.
  2. Shop. Make time in the beginning of the trip to grocery shop. Eating out 3 meals a day is beyond what our body and waistline can handle especially with restaurant portions. In New Orleans, one of our first stop was the grocery store to load up on fresh fruits, vegetables, and snacks. Then, we were off to discover the best gumbo and jambalaya. I would have tried alligator but once you hug one, I didn’t feel like eating it. Enjoy your food and don’t feel like you’re “missing out,” but take the time to listen to your body. We all feel awful after eating out multiple meals so make the grocery store a routine, fun part of your trip.
  3. Love Food. Enjoy the local cuisine. Traveling is about eating delicious food and trying new things. Don’t try to control your weight through denial. I find that those who over control are the ones who binge “behind close doors.” Instead, listen to your body, take the time to eat, and eat good quality food. Don’t settle for crap. Your body is worth deliciousness!
  4. Activities You Love. Do activities that make you laugh and love living. Try something new. I highly recommend getting out in nature. My recent trip to Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park was amazing. We hiked at least 10 miles a day in the most amazing setting. I played like a child scrambling on rocks and splashing in the river, not wanting the moment to stop unlike the gym where I’m counting the down the minutes of when it’ll be over. If hiking isn’t for you, try something that fits your personality. We are all different, that’s why no one method/diet works for everyone.
  5. Small Things. Appreciate the little things. My hummus/cucumber/Thai cashew sandwich was amazing. I know it sounds ridiculous but out in the wild after miles of hiking in serene surroundings, everything tastes so good. We brought wine, cheese, and chocolate too. I savored every bit of it as slowly as I could. Yum!! Stop denying yourself.

When we are high on life, we just don’t need additives/foods to fulfill us. I’ve learned that this is one of the main topics I address in my office. So many of us know what to do, but our lifestyle does not allow us to succeed. STOP dieting and START living.

If you struggle with weight, emotional eating, and sugar cravings, join me for a new way to look and feel amazing!

For healthy recipe ideas:

~ Samantha Hua, Nutrition Expert

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