Simple Habit For Weight Loss & a Productive Day

What if there’s a very simple habit you can start now to advance your weight loss goals, health goals, or even having more productive workdays?

During office visits, many of my clients can’t wait to share how they messed up. And when they are successful, they are quick to move on to the next challenge. With an average of 72,000 thoughts a day, what we focus on shapes our narrative. To prevent us from ruminating on our lack of progress and being in a rut, we can shift by reflecting on our daily accomplishments and set up for greater success.

In a study with over 200 people over 4 months, participants were asked to journal about their work day. When they wrote about their progress, they were more likely to feel happier, naturally motivated, and see obstacles as challenges versus threats. In another study, people were paid for each Lego structure they built. The first group had their structures neatly displayed and the second group had theirs dismantled. The first group continued to be more motivated to build more although both groups were paid equal amounts. Seeing progress provides us a sense of purpose.

If you have a tendency to focus on your failures and mistakes, please make sure to take the time to acknowledge or even write down your small wins daily. I know that when I focus on my losses, I get down and I might give up all together. Sounds like the culprit to the yo-yo diet pattern, right? And during a pandemic, there are so many other emotions and restrictions, so focus on your wins for work, diet, and any goal. The mind is powerful which is why at Happy Food, we focus on much more than just nutrition. For more articles, read

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~ Samantha Hua, Nutrition & Holistic Health Coach, San Diego, CA