My Favorite Fish Recipe

Easy 10-Minute TilapiaThe best nutrition advice ever is to eat what you love (and makes you feel full of energy at the same time)!  This is one of my favorite fish dishes because it’s ridiculously easy, quick (10 minutes), and of course healthy and super delicious.  Plus, tilapia is a sustainable fish.  Always keep the environment in mind when we can.

I just saute tomatoes, bell peppers, green olives, garlic, and fish all in one pot covered for 10 minutes and it’s done!  I often eat it over arugula because it’s my personal favorite but please start eating what you love.  See that’s the problem with diets, they just tell us what to do and they don’t teach us how to listen to our body.  You might enjoy this more over brown rice or some quinoa.

With the juice from the tomatoes, there’s no worries for fish sticking to your pan or even having to us those bad Teflon skillets.

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