Mud Wrestling for Fitness?

Today is my birthday.  I considered doing this again since it was such a blast 2 years ago on my 37th birthday.  I hosted a mud wrestling party.  Between getting together with friends to dig the mud pit, creating a costume together (I was the Flaming Tu-Tu), sifting the soil to get the rocks out, mud wrestling, dancing, singing, and socializing with my favorite people, I was filled with happiness, laughter, and a ton of physical activity. I was sore for days after the event. AND…my wrestling partner (Wonder Woman) and I made it to the semi-finals.

Everyone had so much fun that unlike any other crazy party with alcohol, I noticed no one was drunk or over eating. We were ALL simply too busy wrestling, cheering, dancing, singing, and socializing.

I know this is a silly example, but life is short and we can only fill it up with laughter. Be creative and do what you love. And if what you love always involves physical activity, you’ll easily reach your health goals. You will feel FABULOUS!

What ideas do you have?

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