weight loss exercising inside or outside by health coach

More weight loss exercising inside or outside?

Is there more weight loss exercising inside or outside?  Is there really a difference?  I know which I prefer but one study analyzed just that and found that overall people felt more energy, reduced tension, reduced anger, more positive, and more revitalized when exercising outside.

Weight Loss Exercising Inside or Outside?

Research shows that you can burn 175 – 300 calories with a simple uphill walk outside.  Conversely, it can take almost 45 minutes of walking on a treadmill to burn a mere 200 calories.  On average, people burn 10% more calories exercising outside.  Similarly, in an 8 week study, exercising in the sand gave participants a bigger aerobic fitness boost.

Even a leisurely hour hike can burn 400 calories.  We also have to be more aware of natural obstacles such as rocks, logs, inclines, uneven terrain, etc. so it makes us adapt and use our body more, thus building more muscles.  This is a built-in challenge for greater weight loss when exercising outside.  Plus, those who exercise outside tend to stick with it more and exercise more than those who use the gym.  Sticking with it is the most important bonus.

Benefits When Exercising Outside

In alignment, other studies show a decrease in cortisol, our stress hormone, and lower blood pressure when we exercise outside in addition to releasing the feel good energy rush of endorphins and strengthening the core and lower body.

By exercising outside, the body benefits from absorbing vitamin D and fresh air.  Outdoor exercise creates better general well-being including decreasing insomnia.  It also tends to be free and convenient.  Bonus!

Weight Loss for YOU, Indoor or outdoor?

In the end, you have to choose what’s comfortable for you and what provides variety.  Don’t forget that time change or weather should never deter you, because exercise keeps you young, prevents infections, eases asthma, prevents heart attacks, combats stress, prevents cancer, controls blood sugar, prolongs life, and so many more benefits.  Find a combination of indoor and outdoor exercise that provides maximum commitment to health, and therefore maximum weight loss results.

Support is the key to success

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~ Samantha Hua, Online Nutrition Coach & Holistic Health Coach, San Diego, CA