Mood Swings, Low Energy & Sleep Deprived?

Are you tired of mood swings, lack of energy, and sleep deprivation?  Let me describe a typical American habit and you will quickly see why we have these terrible symptoms.

Tell me if some, if not all of this, describes you.  Our stressed out lifestyle includes a cup of coffee to start our day after either a late night or a sleepless night.  We almost can’t start our day without that caffeine.  We grab a donut or some quick sugary bar on the way to work for instant energy.  By lunch (since we didn’t pack food), we opt for easy pizza or nitrate-filled cold cut sandwich.  And for dinner, we pop a microwaveable meal or an artificially packaged dinner probably eating it right before bed.  We stay plugged in to our smart phones, laptops, and TVs right up until bed time which interrupts our melatonin levels for good sleep.  Our minds are stressed from a busy day, we are sleep deprived, we sustain on poor nutrition, and of course, we do not make time for exercise to balance our hormones.  This is the perfect brew for mood swings, low energy, and slept deprivation.  This sounds so clear when we spell it out but it doesn’t feel so clear when we are struggling through our day.  Is that a true statement for you?

Our instant energy (coffee, energy drinks, sugar) leads to energy crash, a need for more quick energy fix, and a formula for poor sleep at night which means repeating this cycle all over again.  This often adds weight gain to the mix, along with poor skin, premature aging, mental fog, and feeling defeated.

Some basic ideas to get you started but we need to change your lifestyle to really feel the positive effects.

  • Get some healthy, omega-3 fats to balance your serotonin.
  • Get free vitamin D from the sun without sunscreen (but during the early or late part of the day)
  • Get your B12 and folic acids to increase those happy hormones
  • ….the rest may sound basic but it can feel so difficult to tackle….sleeping during your proper sleep cycle, relaxation, good nutrition, exercise, de-stressing, changing our brain neurons, balance, good boundaries, water, and avoiding all the toxins that lead our body to crave more junk, and therefore, malfunction.

Get out of the rut and start making at least small changes.  Address the root cause of your weight and health concerns and start with a free health consultation at or (619) 876-2655.  See if this is the right match for you. I do things very differently to make health a natural lifestyle and this is not for everyone.