Less Regret Equals Less Weight. True?

For 2014, I want to challenge you to a new perspective regarding your health, body, and weight loss.  A while ago I read a wonderful article about the common regrets of the dying.  When we live unhappily full of regret, it affects our physical body because the mind is our “pilot.”  When we “suffer” in regret, it negatively affects metabolism, cell growth & regeneration, fat accumulated around the hips/waist, bone mass, memory, etc.

Let’s make 2014 a spectacular year of transformation to include the body….AND the mind.  Let’s address these downfalls well before our death bed.  No joke!  These affect your weight.

  1. Living life for others.  Live a life true to you.  So many people live a life that is just expected but that makes us unhappy, slows our metabolism, and leads us to eat to fill our sorrow/anger/resentment/loneliness.  Make sure you fulfill your dreams.
  2. Working too hard.  Less is more.  Learn to need less material things so you don’t need to work the extra hours to sustain your lifestyle.  Find that balance so that you have time for people, for you, for cooking, for eating, for pure enjoyment.
  3. Suppressing feelings.  Are you a people pleaser?  We never learned how to communicate, express feelings, and set up good boundaries.  We keep the peace and that leads to bitterness or resentment which kills and/or makes us gain weight too.
  4. Lost relationships.  On people’s death bed, we regret not cherishing our true friendships.  In this society, we get so caught up in our fast pace that we simply don’t have time to connect regularly with friends.  What decisions have you made or not made that keep you from having a supportive “ecology” in order to thrive in your health and your weight loss goals?
  5. Too little happiness.  It seems we stop ourselves from being happy because of fear or other reasons that keep us stuck in our comfort zone.  We stay in a place that’s unhappy because we are too afraid of change.  You can choose to be happy.  Make decisions to be happier well before you become ill.

Forget the same old New Year’s Resolution.  Not only are they boring but you don’t follow through anyways.  Instead, focus on living the most amazing life you can imagine.  The ideas above will lead to a healthier, thinner you.

This is a huge undertaking.  Get a free health consultation and live a life that is rich, happy, and in your perfect body.  Weight gain is merely a symptom of a much bigger picture.   Call me for a free health consultation to make sure this is right for you. (619) 876-2655