Key Food for Lifelong Health

What foods result in lifelong health? In our society, we’re always analyzing our food but it hasn’t made us any healthier as a nation. We measure our calories and talk about how much fat to protein to carb ratio we “should” eat. I met someone who said, “we need to stop should-ing ourselves.” Absolutely!!

Ever wonder why you know what you should do, but never do them? Or why you couldn’t maintain your diet plan? It’s because you’ve missed the point. The point is not to lose weight or even to be healthy.

The point is feeling good and being happy. Once you’ve ignited your “pleasure” bottom, it turns on your metabolism, your desire for more of what’s good for your body, and the entire journey becomes natural.
So…the key foods are: joy, movement, and a full assortment of delicious food straight from mother earth. I wanted to share my recent vacation. It involved a 10-mile backpack to the campsite, daily pristine waterfall hikes, connection with nature, 13 friends, and pure silliness and fun. This might not be your choice of activity, but once you incorporate pleasure into your daily life, you are naturally healthy forever. No way you can abuse your body when you’re fulfilled. You’ve just changed your brain chemistry to desire what your body needs without the fight.

Have a conversation with me and let’s have some fun. Being healthy has nothing to do with calories, torture, discipline, or more “should-s.”

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