Just 2 Things to Help Lose Belly Fat

At Happy Food, we believe in small actions.  They are simple, fits into our lives, and grow into big successes that stick.  Let’s just start with 2 simple tips to reduce belly fat.  Remember, health and weight loss is a lifestyle change not a quick fix.

First, focus on distance being your friend.  In a study lasting 10 minutes with a bowl of M&M’s placed on a large coffee table, 70% of participants ate the M&M’s when the bowl was 8 inches away versus 58% ate them when the bowl was 2-1/3 feet away.  Place your unhealthy snacks beyond arm’s length or completely out of sight would be best.  Conversely, have healthy snacks within arm’s length.  Humans always search for the path of least resistance.  Use that knowledge for your success.

Second, the time spent in a chair, sofa, or car affects your belly size.  In a study of inactive participant on average moving 13 minutes/day (moderate-intensity exercise), each hour of sedentary time was linked to an extra 1.9 quarts of abdominal fat.  Sedentary time, however, wasn’t linked to belly fat in people who were active averaging 40 minutes per day.

Start with these and we will continue working on other action steps towards healthy and happy.

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~ Samantha Hua, Nutrition & Holistic Health Coach, San Diego, CA