Important: Dodge BPA & Other Hormone Disruptors

Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that interfere with estrogen, testosterone, insulin, thyroid, and other hormones.  Estrogen not only affects reproductive health but also the heart, brain, and bones.  Unfortunately, endocrine disruptors can end up in what we consume because they are often used in food processing equipment and packaging.  Watch out for BPA, Perchlorate, and Phthalates.  Here are some ways to avoid them:

  • Avoid these plastics:  No. 3 (PVC containing phthalates), 6 (styromfoam with styrene, a possible human carcinogen), and 7 (polycarbonate contains BPA).
  • Wash plastic containers by hand to avoid high heat.
  • Use less canned foods.  The resin in canned foods contain BPA.  BPA-free cans may not be safer.
  • Microwave in glass or ceramic.  Also, never cover your food with cling wrap or plastic.
  • Avoid putting hot foods/liquids in plastic
  • Toss out scratched up plastic containers.  It’ll likely leach toxic chemicals into your food.
  • Avoid thermal paper.  Minimize handling receipts; it contains BPA since it uses heat instead of ink for printing.

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~ Samantha Hua, Nutrition & Holistic Health Coach, San Diego, CA