How You Eat Can Change Your Fate

“How you eat can change your fate.”  Do you agree with that statement?  I do!!!  I see this all the time in my office.

Imagine if you can have a life full of success, luck, passion, love, wealth, peace, confidence, you name it.  Imagine if just by changing the way you eat, you can achieve these things.  Sounds ridiculous, right?  Not really.

If you eat with love for your body instead of war against your fat, eat while being present instead of working, eat with intuition instead of by doing calorie math, eat with breath instead of stress, eat with gratitude instead of discipline…you get the idea.

Honestly, I’ve witnessed so many people change as people in my office just by changing they way they eat, what they eat, how they eat, when they eat.  Imagine if you can truly acquire a rich life by starting with something so small.  Isn’t that less intimidating?

I love it!!!  Take the challenge with me.  I’d love to hear from you.


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