How to Get Extra Nutrients

I can’t emphasize enough that it is easy to be healthy than you think. You do NOT have to eat perfect. Start with baby steps. Start by implementing vegetables in everything you can imagine. Here are some tips:

* Add broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach to omelets
* Add greens when you top off your soup
* Add green beans, squash, bell peppers to your whole grain pasta
* Add eggplants, spinach, chards, peas to your noodles
* Add arugula to your tacos instead of iceberg
* Add mustard greens, cucumber to your sandwiches
* Add mushrooms, peppers, greens to your whole grain pizza
* Add thin slices of carrots, zucchini, cucumber to your wraps
* Add apples, carrots, squash to your cakes/desserts

Vegetables have extra phytonutrients that reduces cancer, promotes anti-inflammation, and boosts immunity. For example, arugula has 8 times the amount of calcium as iceberg lettuce and more vitamin C than any greens. It’s my favorite vegetable and I add it to everything. Sweet potatoes have tons of Vitamin A. So pile on a nice variety of produce. You’ll have more energy, live longer, feel better, prevent diseases, and LOOK GREAT.

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