How Sugar Helps Weight Loss

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I really want to make a point here and Samantha I am sorry it took me a good 2 years to accept this…but all in all I can’t help but share. In the first picture (December) I was working out 4-5 times a week and keeping a count of my calorie intake (eating about 2200 calories if that). I just started the Fitlab with Sean and I was told I needed to increase my caloric intake from whatever I was eating to about 3000 calories! From the looks of it you would think the opposite. But Sean empowered me with information about my body that will forever dictate my lifestyle.

Fast forward a month (January) and there was some noticeable gains(or loss). I was stoked and thought what I was doing was on point. I had a bit of an issue with my hip so I cut back on the working out to 2-3 times a week and still eating about 3000 calories a day.

It wasn’t until I watched a documentary about sugar ‪#‎thatsugarmovie‬ that I realized what Sam was teaching with her “happy food”program (will post link at the end) I became really aware of how much sugar I was consuming on a regular basis and was just blown away by how it was impacting my health and my ability to be a middle age athlete (haha)

I only made a quick change from eating foods that said they were fat free to eating foods that had a percentage of fat and made it a point to not purchase/ consume anything that had more than 6grams of Sugar(that’s still to much). I still ate 3000 calories a day per Sean’s recommendation and only worked out 3 times a week.

In about 3 weeks into to not eating sugar, or rather just being aware about how much sugar I was eating, my body started to change and I am just floored by it! Now aside from posting these pics and basically patting myself on the back I want to really drive a point home to those who are working/looking to live a healthier lifestyle. Cut the SUGAR from your diet! We don’t need it! Consume Sugar as nature intended us to by actually eating fruit (juicing is not a good alternative) I am almost certain you will find yourself in a better and healthier position.

Now this is just my Stance on it and I am sure folks will have their own opinion….after all a friend told me this same thing over two years ago and it just finally sank in. So thank you to both Sam and Sean for helping me see the light! And of course the only Sweet I can have without feeling guilty Mags for always kicking me in the butt to workout when I didn’t want to and jumping on board and being my wingman on the Zero Sugar flight path

Happy Food