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Holistic Nutrition Tips for Road Trips

With life a little freer from the pandemic, many of us are hitting the road but we still want to sustain holistic nutrition and even continue weight loss while on vacation.  I’d like to share some things we do as a family when we’re driving to our destination.  I think it’s worth it to include foods that make you feel good so you have lots of energy to really enjoy.  Therefore, achieving holistic nutrition – health for the mind and body.

I LOVE vacation so of course, life includes spontaneity but we can’t just let life happen to us either.  We are in charge!   Hence, plans and systems result in better health and greater weight loss with ease.   We can work towards holistic health “with ease” in order to maintain it all forever despite vacation, stress, and not only during perfect times.

Plan, Plan, Plan for successful holistic nutrition

When we are mindful about what goes into our mouth, we are less shocked by the scale.  Increased weight is often a result of not paying attention or ignoring signals from your body such as hunger, pain, poor digestion, fatigue, etc.  Here’s what we do before and during our drive:

  1. Stop at the market and pick up fresh fruits and vegetables.
  2. Pack more snacks than you think is necessary and a heavy focus on produce (sugar snap peas, carrots, radish, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, tangerines, apples, grapes, blueberries, hummus, nuts, dried fruits, string beans, celery, hard boiled eggs, etc.).
  3. Prepare and/or plan meals/snacks the day before.
  4. Plan stops too.
  5. Have a navigator look ahead at menus and make rational decisions before being hangry. Try your best to avoid deep-fried, heavy sauced or heavy cream.  Focus on clean eating when possible without being too restrictive.  Recognize that road trips will have treats and need the flexibility of what’s available but being prepared really helps.  Read How to Make Healthy Restaurant Choices.

Don’t forget the simple things regarding nutrition

These are things we do at home because it is simply our new habit.  Why change it up and toss it all out the window just because we are on vacation?  Sure, enjoy your trip and some things need extra savoring like trying out the best local cuisines, but let’s keep some habits from home.

  1. Eat vegetables at every meal
  2. Don’t forget to bring a refillable water bottle and hydrate
  3. If you can get a hotel/airbnb with a kitchen, it’s great to cook dinners
  4. If possible avoid high fat, high salt, high sugar foods, sodas, etc.
  5. Don’t skip breakfast

Other things to consider for holistic health

Being healthy isn’t about following a regimen.  It’s about feeling great in our body so that we can do all the things that bring us joy.  Don’t toss these ideas in the garbage just because you’re on vacation.  Feeling great to fully thrive in life is the goal.  Conversely, being super strict about your diet and calories is not.  Isn’t it all about our mindset?

  1. Get a good night sleep
  2. Watch your posture while in the car
  3. Plan hikes if possible
  4. Make multiple stops for short walks/stretches

Don’t forget the most important part of holistic nutrition

Vacations are fun!  Eating is fun!  When we are having fun, we turn on the parasympathetic system that helps us digest efficiently, metabolize, and lose weight while having fun.  Don’t let the all-or-nothing mentality keep you stuck.  Keep the good and enjoy the experience.

Support is the key to success. 

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~ Samantha Hua, Online Nutrition Coach & Holistic Health Coach, San Diego, CA