Healthy Morning Routine

Healthy Weight LossThis is my healthy fitness morning ritual. At first glance it might look ridiculous, but wait until you feel fabulous because of it.

Want to lose weight and eat right? Here’s your answer.

I’ve done it for so long that it’s now automatic. It doesn’t feel like a hassle. As a matter of fact, if I don’t do it, it feels like something is missing. Every night, I think about the next day. Life is a game plan. If you think you’ll win, you will. If you play to lose, you will.

I am playing to win. Are you in??

  • First, I pack my lunch and sometimes dinner too (if my day is long)
  • Second, I pack my gym bag
  • Third, I pack my work bag
  • Fourth is extra, but I love hot drinks in the winter so I pack my thermos of green or herbal tea.
  • And, of course, my purse

You see, it’s not weird to bring your purse and your work bag filled with files and a laptop. Your job is THE most important part of your life. What about your body? The thing that allows you to work, play, live, and love? Why is that always last in place?

I challenge you to prioritize your body first. Lunch and gym bag packed first. Tell yourself “you’re worth it!!” For me, packing lunch and gym bag is a joy and not a chore. I can’t wait to feel good and to love being in my skin. I have to be in my skin 24/7, so this is definitely worth it for me!!

Weight loss is all about attitude. Are you ready for a new attitude because the old one keeps failing you?

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