Healthy Holiday Travel

So many of us are traveling over the holidays and I get these very concerned looks on my clients’ faces when they get ready to travel. I always wonder why we have such distrust in ourselves. Maybe, it’s because we’ve endured years of calorie counting and professionals/ads telling us how we should eat, how we can’t possibly understand our own bodies, and what little self-control we have. I disagree! I think you are the best judge in what your body needs and we just have to get through all the damage that media has caused. I like to say, no wild animal counts its calories or steps on a scale.

Here are some suggestions to consider when traveling over the holidays or traveling in general:

  1. Enjoy the treats! What fun is traveling when you’re constantly stressing about what you’re eating? Generally, eat healthy but absolutely have dessert or whatever is your favorite meal or the local specialty item. Humans are funny….when we actually allow ourselves to have whatever we want, we don’t go crazy and go to town. It’s when we get so restrictive that we go mentally crazy over food and over-indulge.
  2. Don’t eat out every meal. This is the problem with the average American in general. Don’t eat out every meal. Try to limit it to 1 meal out per day (when traveling, much less at home). It’s always the big meal. Or at least, have that one big meal and the other meals are more simple and light.
  3. Don’t skimp on produce. I always make sure to stop by a market first thing. We either have plenty of produce for breakfast, carry it for snacks, add it to our other meals or all of the above when possible.
  4. Feed yourself NOT through the mouth. Enjoy all the other parts of vacation that makes it amazing—the people, the connection, the environment, the relaxation, the adventure, the culture, the aliveness.

I LOVE travel. There’s so much learning, so much excitement…..don’t sit around a pool and just drink. Go and enjoy the family connection, the stranger connection, and the self discovery. Before my daughter, I traveled to 30 countries and it changed me. Don’t make it about food and weight. Life is soooooo much more!!! Enjoy the amazing local food and everything else travel and life has to offer.

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~ Samantha Hua, Nutrition & Health Coach, San Diego, CA