Healthy Eating Can Lead to Binging

Last night after a hike and the gym, we went to a healthy, vegan restaurant. I walked away so dissatisfied that I was craving junk. I told my husband, “I get it.” I get why people can’t imagine making healthy eating a lifestyle. These restaurants give healthy food a bad rep. Me! The health coach! The one who loves greens and eats arugula in the movie theaters (I know, it’s weird). I love vegetables yet this restaurant left me wanting junk, sweets, meat, you name it.

It’s irrelevant to name the restaurant but it’s more important to understand that healthy food is damn delicious. My curry bowl was flavorless with under-cooked bland vegetables. My husband’s portobello burger was flavorless with dry bread.

When we are dissatisfied emotionally and physically, we immediately seek something to fill the void. I did! We walked across the street to get dessert and my eyes have never been wider. I don’t even care for desserts that much.

So please, don’t go to a healthy restaurant and tell yourself you can’t eat this way. A lifestyle change needs to be delicious and fun. Know that healthy eating IS delicious and healthy habits are learned just like unhealthy habits are learned.

Let’s focus on building healthy habits that become second nature, learn to eat delicious food that’s right for our body, and not let bland food discourage us. Here’s to loving good food, honoring your body, and living your fullest life.

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~ Samantha Hua, Nutrition & Health Coach, San Diego, CA