Healthy Cooking Videos

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All videos are short (1 to 5 minutes) and most meals take under 20 minutes to make.

Cook quick, healthy, delicious meals

  • Lose/maintain weight
  • Save tons of money
  • Boost energy & prevent diseases

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Videos include:

  • Instant, healthy breakfast
  • Green smoothie breakfast
  • 5-minute Southwest salad
  • 10-minute tilapia
  • Vegetable chili
  • Easy, healthy quiche
  • Easy chicken soup
  • Coconut green curry
  • Moroccan fish
  • Easy soba noodles
  • Hummus, pesto, and dips
  • 2-minute fruit pudding
  • 5-minute pineapple berry bar
  • And so many more

* No refunds will be granted.  Videos and information are meant for education and not for curing diseases or addressing any allergies.  Please consult your physician.