Get Through the Holidays without Weight Gain

Is your goal simply to not gain weight over the holiday because it seems every year this happens? Or do you actually want to lose weight? You say you need to work on discipline this year? Well, I’m here to tell you that I don’t believe in discipline. Discipline is a muscle, and muscles eventually become fatigue and there goes your weight loss plan. It’s about something other than discipline, including mindset, your environment, habits you built, etc. Consider these concepts to start and we can work together to lose those stubborn pounds.

  • Holidays are for treats. Holidays are a time to celebrate and enjoy those goodies that only do come around once a year. Why torture yourself and set unrealistic goals of being miserable? It’s our mindset we have to change. One treat never makes us fat. It’s the restrictions that actually make us binge.
  • Holidays are short. Why do we think all of December is an endless eating trap? It’s only a few days or a few events. What about all the other numerous meals and eating opportunities? Do we use it as an excuse to binge, sabotage, and therefore, fail? Not ALL 31 days are a wipe out. It all boils down to the silly chatter we feed our brain that manifests weight gain. I see it constantly. When we finally address the true problem and stop blaming our discipline, the holidays, and will power, we start losing weight with ease.
  • End the holiday habits. Excessive eating is a habit. Eat slowly, enjoy, taste. Wait before you get more food and give yourself and chance to digest. We heavily focus on habit change in our office which I find much more successful than focusing on restriction. I’m stubborn….restrict me and I want it more. Can you relate?
  • Don’t blame the holidays. Let’s be honest. If we are overweight, it’s certainly not because of the holidays because we have the other 350-odd days to add on the weight. It’s nice to have an escape goat but if we are honest with ourselves, we may actually lose weight and not become so miserable about holiday weight gain. We can actually enjoy the food, including all of the treats. Doesn’t that sound so much nicer?

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~Samantha Hua, Nutrition & Health Coach, San Diego, CA