Foods That Keep You Young

Why does our skin age so rapidly? As we get older, our skin cells regenerate slower, the epidermis repairs slower, we produce fewer hormones which make it more vulnerable to damage such as from UV radiation, and the oil-producing glands are less active leaving us with dry tissue. Hence, we see signs of aging such as blemishes, discoloration, sagging, and fine lines. While we cannot reverse the effects of aging, we can age “gracefully” through exercise and eating right. A study of 4,000 women found a strong correlation between poor diet and aging skin. This is yet another reason to move the body, eat a well balanced meal full of fresh fruits and vegetables, and live life fully. Add more of these to your diet to provide enough nutrients to your skin.

Avocados are high in vitamin E and lutein which promote healthy skin. Lutein also increases skin hydration, improves skin elasticity, and protects against deterioration of beneficial lipids that keep skin firm.

Berries are a great source of ellagic acid which is an antioxidant that helps protect skin from sun damage. They are also rich in polyphenols which protect the skin from free-radical damage.

Carrots and other orange foods are high in vitamin A which is vital for skin maintenance and repair. People who are deficient in vitamin A tend to have dry, rough, scaly skin.

Flaxseed Oil contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which decrease skin roughness and scaling. It also helps reduce the fine lines. Make sure not to cook flaxseed oil to keep its helpful properties.

Kiwis have one of the highest levels of vitamin C which means it’s full of antioxidants that reduce free radicals which causes skin damage. Vitamin C is also crucial for collagen production which helps firm the skin.

Spinach has 80 distinct nutrients and full of vitamin K which inhibits calcification and limits skin elasticity leading to wrinkles. All dark leafy greens are rich in vitamin A, C, and E.

Tomatoes are high in lycopene which has strong antioxidants to help stabilize volatile molecular oxygen produced by UV rays. Grilled tomatoes with some olive oil and basil drizzled on top is delicious!

Dark Chocolate has flavonols, a plant antioxidant that helps protect skin from harmful UV light.

White Tea is also high in antioxidants and blocks enzymes that break down collagen and elastin which is a protein that makes skin elastic. White, red, black, and green teas all have high polyphenol properties.

Get yourself into some healthy habits and start with a free health consultation at or (619) 876-2655.  See if this is the right match for you.  I do things very differently and it’s not for everyone.

~Samantha Hua, Nutrition & Health Coach, San Diego