Emotional Eating is Good?

How would you respond if I told me that emotional eating is actually a good thing?  It’s the holidays and I’m sure you’re completely soaked in emotions….good, bad, lonely, overwhelmed emotions.

I’m going to ask you to step back and take your weight and emotional eating issues in a different approach.  Take a deep breath and actually believe that it’s OK.  It’s OK because we are emotional creatures with our ups and downs.  As a society, I think we frown upon sharing emotions and expressing too many emotions.  It’s like we have to contain it to be socially accepted.  So…it gets pent up and we release it by doing what IS socially acceptable which is to eat.  And boy is eating easy in this country.  There’s food at every turn.  Aren’t we lucky??!!

I want you to accept that you are full of emotions and to not view your long, unsuccessful journey of battling emotional eating as a weakness.  You have not been successful because you’ve approached it in a way that implies you have to be emotionless.  Now, how is that possible?  Instead, let’s address those things that actually cause you to self-abuse, disregard your worth, or fixate on food.

Do you thrive in your career?  What about your relationships and communication skills?  Are you always last place on the totem pole?  Do you punish yourself with treacherous exercise and bland food just because you need to lose a few pounds?  Are you happy?  Do you thrive?

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