Eating Lessons Learned on Summer Vacation

Summer Cooking

I was recently on a trip to Channel Island National Park and food was a focal point yet it wasn’t.  Let me explain.  As humans, we love to eat, we gravitate around food, and it’s all very normal.  We struggle with weight and what to eat because we give food too little value and too much value all at the same time.  It’s true, and we do it all at the wrong time.

Here’s an example:  we don’t take the time to think about what we want to eat, when to shop, what to pack, when to cook YET…we spend a lot of time analyzing calories, how much fat-protein-carb ratio we SHOULD consume, if fruits are too high in sugar, when & how often to eat, isn’t avocado too fatty, etc., etc.   Instead of using all of our energy to analyze, let’s put it into action.

Back to the vacation story.  We all took turns cooking for a group of 12.  Before the trip, we assigned cooking duties.  We took the time to plan.  Since we were camping and can’t just drop by a store, we had to shop before the meal, plan what we were going to cook, and make sure we had everything so that our friends would not starve and enjoy our meal.  Why don’t we do this at home?  Planning is key!  Aren’t you worth high quality meals at home too?  (Even if it’s just for yourself)

We used all whole ingredients, made sure we served something that was delicious and gave us enough energy to have fun on our hikes and kayaking adventures, and we had fun cooking together and eating together.  Why don’t we do this at home?

Cooking for 12 was challenging and typically it was just enough food so no one ate too much (to the point of stomach pains).  Why don’t we do this at home?

Here’s my summary that will guarantee health and healthy weight loss:

  • Use your energy to plan, shop, and cook (you ARE worth it!!)
  • Don’t use your energy to over analyze & count calories
  • Eat when happy; cook and eat socially
  • Eat outside (it always seem to taste better)
  • Use whole ingredients & eat for energy (so that we can have fun!)
  • Savor the food and don’t eat until you’re stuffed
  • Most of all…enjoy your food and don’t turn it into your enemy.

In the end, your health is an indication of your self worth.  If you struggle to find a healthy relationship with food, get support!  Call me for a free health consultation just to have a conversation about your goals. 

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