Eat Dessert & Chips for Weight Loss

It’s true. Have it! What’s life without treats here and there?? The problem is when we want to lose weight, we deprive ourselves of all pleasures. This, unfortunately, creates a very negative relationship with food. Let’s enjoy food without giving it so much power. If the occasion calls for a treat, burger, fries, etc, enjoy it in moderation without the guilt. That guilt subsequently leads to more weight gain.

I work with so many clients who have to “un-do” this diet mentality. I suggest that you try a psychological twist. Let’s change the way we see food and eating. Why do some of us live on salads all day, then binge on cookies/chips especially if no one’s looking? The body will stop craving if you just eat it slow enough to taste it.

If we take the time to listen to our body, it will tell us what it needs. We are engineered to crave sweets and fats which shoots serotonin through our body making us happy. No wonder we keep wanting more. But….if we find other things that make us feel good, we won’t depend on food to fulfill us.

Learn how to make the psychological shift towards loving food, naturally gravitating towards good food, and as a by-product, lose weight. Understand that our thoughts actually change our metabolism. Join me:

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