Easy Delicious Holiday Sides

3 Minute Saute Green BeansEnjoy delicious food while working with San Diego-based, one-of-a-kind weight loss program.  In this program you’ll learn how to manage the holidays, stress, and all other things that stop you from losing weight.  Not only will you learn how to get out of your own way, you’ll even find this easy and apply healthy habit that will last forever.

Learn the best nutrition advice that you can actually sustain and follow which will ultimately lead to success because your body will finally work for you.  Instead of what it often does on a traditional diet program which is to slow down metabolism and shift your body into survival gear.  You may or may not lose the weight immediately, but you’ll definitely gain it back with traditional dieting.

You deserve to do something that will keep you thin, healthy, and energetic for life.  Do it through real food.  This side dish is so simple but so good especially during this time of the year when green beans are in season.  It goes so well with our holiday dinner.  Just a light saute with oil, garlic, beans, and optional bell peppers.  Enjoy the cooking video on www.health-cooking-videos.com.

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