Does Appearance Determine Success?

Unattractive men earned 15 percent less than those deemed attractive, while plain women earned 11 percent less than their prettier counterparts. Attractive people are generally judged to be more talented, kind, honest and intelligent than their less attractive counterparts. Studies also show people go out of their way to help attractive people of the same and opposite sex, because they want to be liked and accepted by good-looking people.

Despite the research, there are guys like Bill Gates and Donald Trump who do really well in the world. Why is that? Hiring managers will tell you that they find the appearance of confidence attractive. Attractiveness has more to do with how you carry yourself and the energy you exude.

Let’s put these two philosophies together for YOUR optimal success.
• First, we seek attractive people because we want to select the best gene pool to pass on to our offspring. We are hardwired to seek healthy, strong people in all situations. What can you eat and what lifestyle changes do you need to make for optimal health?
• Second, do you exude confidence? Walk tall, chin up, and tuck in the gut. Of course, if you are out of shape, overweight, and sluggish, you will have a more difficult time walking with confidence in your body. Get fit and healthy! It leads to more money, more friends, and just feeling great. Take this challenge not just for your health and longevity, but also for your success.

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