Do You Struggle With Trusting Your Body?

I hear it all the time in my office.  “If I let go, I’ll gain weight.  I can’t trust my body.”  Is that something you say?  I think we have lost the ability to trust our body because of all the misinformation we feed ourselves.  I don’t know any wild animals that count calories or weigh themselves.  If you are guilty of any of the following, it’s time to get help and break this weight gain, dieting cycle.

  • When I lose weight.  Do you tell yourself that if you lose 5, 10, 20 lbs, that you’ll be happier or start dating or take your favorite dance class?  Why do only skinny people get to have fun in life?  Don’t you deserve the same?  Why wait???  Waiting only means you’ll never have fun and that “fun” is when we actually lose weight.
  • Negative self-talk.  If you talk to a child the way you talk about your body, I would report you to Child Protective Services.  You are committing a huge crime!  Imagine if your friend said “I’m fat.”  Then you say, “You are!  You need to be perfect.”  Yikes!  What are bad friend.  Stop it already.  Stop being a bad friend to yourself.
  • Believing your lies.  Do you believe that you’re not good enough unless you’re perfect?  Do you believe that you need to struggle in order to lose weight?  I personally think it has to be full of fun, joy, and deliciousness.  Do you believe that you’re weak when you eat bad food?  Do you believe only one body type is beautiful?  All lies.
  • Counterproductive habits.  Are you constantly “should-ing” yourself?  Are you always trying the latest diets?  Are you obsess with eating perfect?  Well, it’s not working.  We have to change this immediately.  Why keep doing what’s not working?
  • Criticism & comparison.  Those are just toxic.  Stop criticizing other people’s bodies and comparing yourself to others.  I love the Dr. Seuss quote above.  You are the best you and let yourself shine.  The world needs you and it can’t afford for you to obsess with weight.  It needs you to shine the light on others so there’s a beautiful ripple effect in the world.  Call me an idealist but I’m happy to die thinking this.

Meet my daughter.  I intend to tell her she’s smart, strong, athletic (if she is), fun, loving, etc. etc.  I do NOT intend to compliment her on her beautiful body, her skinny body, or call her princess.  I will never criticize her body or tell her she has to eat healthy.  I plan to cook with her and show her how fun it is to cook a variety of vegetables.  I’ll also share cake, French fries, and pizza with her so she never judges her food but just learns how it makes her feel.  I’ll always play sports with her, take her hiking, be actively silly with her.  I’ll never tell her she has to work out, stay in shape, or be healthy.

Healthy people just live.  That’s it!  We don’t have to have rules.  Please stay in tough with me and hold me to my intentions with my daughter.  I wish for you what I wish for my daughter:  a healthy, happy life full of fun and purpose which has no room for food struggles.

Snack break on a hike
Snack break on a hike

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~ Samantha Hua, Nutrition & Health Coach, San Diego, CA