Do You and Your Kids Struggle to Eat Healthy?

Do you struggle to get your kids to eat healthy? Many of my clients have this concern. When they ask me how they can get their kids healthy, I first evaluate the adults. Kids model after their parents and studies after studies prove that starting good eating habits when kids are young have long lasting effects. So if you are planning to have children or your kids are still young, you’re in luck and ahead of the game. Here are some tips to get both you and your kids on track:

  • Make fruits and vegetables visible on the table or counter top and easy to grab
  • Keep chopped vegetables readily available in the frig
  • Add tons of fruits and vegetables to every opportunity: omelets, shakes, lasagna, pasta, sandwiches, pizza, wraps, pancakes, soup, etc
  • Have dips such as hummus, bean dip, tahini, etc. available to make the vegetables more appealing
  • There is an opportunity to add fresh fruits and vegetables to everything you eat. My new favorite are fresh figs. YUMMY!!

Get your kids excited about eating good food. Help create a healthy relationship with food for your kids; but first, this needs to start with your health. Both you and your entire family will benefit.

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