Delicious White Bean Minestrone Soup Recipe

White bean minestrone soup recipeHappy Food is a San Diego-based nutrition and weight loss program but we have clients all over the world.  We believe that food is medicine, life, and fun.  So it’s about time we stop blaming food for our weight gain but rather start to actually enjoy eating.  That’s right!  Eat for weight loss.  The average American swallows their food.  BUT….the mouth is where we taste our food.  If we love to eat so much and have put on so much weight, then why do we rush it, why do we eat crappy food made from cheap ingredients, why do we not take the time to taste every morsel?

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Also, enjoy this delicious white bean minestrone soup.  It’s so grounding for the winter and it took less than 20 minutes to make.  Super hearty, super tasty, and of course both nutritious and easy.  View this on