Could Food Have Made My Surgery So Easy?

Could food have made my surgery so pain-free and easy to recover?  A healthy body allows for self-healing.  Everything we eat forms the cells and tissues necessary to rebuild and regenerate.  A healthy diet also reduces inflammation.  An inflamed body leads to lots of pain and a compromised immune system.

On May 7th, I injured myself playing beach volleyball.  It took me forever to finally opt for surgery on November 18th.  I waited hoping my body would heal itself; I even tried physical therapy.

I was warned by everyone including my surgeon that the shoulder is complex, a painful surgery, and a very long recovery.  According to my MRI, it’s likely that I would need to anchor into the bone and that requires 9 months to 1 year recovery time. During surgery, it turns out that I tore my shoulder in all the right places (rotator cuff & labrum) and I didn’t need an anchor, which reduces recovery time by half.  Yippie!  Now, only 4 – 6 months recovery.

Within 10 days, I had full range of motion in my arms.  I think this normally happens in 6 – 8 weeks.  I hiked the day after surgery.  I didn’t feel any pain and didn’t have to take pain killers.  I swam & ran lightly after 2 weeks.  The doctor said 4 months is considered extremely quick recovery but I think you’ll be able to play in January.  Wahoo, beach volleyball, here I come!!

I want to thank my grandma and aunts for raising me in a household where cooking is a way of life, a pleasure to savor, and sometimes even an art.  They taught me without words (only modeling) that cooking is not an option.  No matter how tired or busy you are, you make balanced food from scratch daily.  Plus, every night, everyone busily packed their lunch for the next day.  In our house, we literally use food as medicine.  There are certain things we cook to heal specific aliments.

Use the power of food to prevent illness and suffering but also enjoy it fully.  Once you’ve taken care of your body, it just keeps supporting you through life.  Thank you all who have influenced me, and I will continue to do the same for my daughter (and anyone else who will listen).  I am grateful!

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~ Samantha Hua, Nutrition & Health Coach, San Diego, CA