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US expenditure for health care is estimated at $2.5 trillion in 2009 and continues to rise. The increase in the employer’s portion of the total spending has been dramatic in recent years. Recent studies indicate that almost 50% of corporate profits now go for health-care costs versus only 7% three decades ago. Employers are actively seeking new ways to reduce health-care costs without jeopardizing their ability to attract and retain workers. These factors have prompted many organizations to actively promote health and wellness at the work site. Benefits of Employee Health Education By providing education to employees specifically on how to improve eating habits, reduce stress and increase healthy lifestyle activities like exercise, your organization will experience the following benefits:

  • Decreased healthcare costs
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Enhanced workplace community
  • Improved recruitment and retention of high-achieving employees

A Few Corporate Wellness Participants:

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Plaza Home Mortgage, Inc.
Western & Southern Life Insurance

 Sharp Hospital

CMG - California Marketing Group

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