Calorie Counting Lessons from Fit People

How do fit people count calories?  They DON’T!  Being healthy and fit needs to be a way of life, not a formula to follow.  So many of my clients have diet mentality and I have to work hard to erase what just doesn’t work.  We can’t live in a box doing math at every meal and confining ourselves to rules, restrictions, and frankly…a lot of wasted energy.  Here are some tips to consider:

  • Fit, healthy people don’t stress about food.  They don’t scrutinize a burger or a cookie just like they don’t celebrate every time they eat salad or vegetables.  We can’t give food so much power. The less we stress about food and the more we honor our body’s messages, the more weight we lose.
  • Fit, healthy people don’t wake up with the intention of being “good” and then worry about going over the deep end and self sabotaging.  They just live, eat the foods that feel good in their body and focus on other things that are more fun versus focusing on what not to eat.
  • Fit, healthy people teach their bodies to enjoy healthy food just like “unhealthy, overweight” people have taught their bodies to enjoy the unhealthy foods.  Both are learned traits.
  • Fit, healthy people don’t restrict food because they focus on the love of delicious food and not limiting themselves to ever-changing diet schemes.

Getting out of the diet and weight loss mentality is more challenging than I ever realized.  It is such a psychological process.  Let me help you get free from the dysfunctional rules, restrictions, and the lack of joy in eating.  Dieting simply does NOT work.  Understand the science and psychology behind how you will succeed for life being fit and loving your body.

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~Samantha Hua, Nutrition & Health Coach, San Diego