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Weight Loss

How to Set & Achieve Goals for Health & Weight Loss

We all want to grow whether it’s getting healthier, being more fit, losing weight, having more energy, sleeping better, saving more money, or advancing in our careers. How do you set goals that you can actually achieve? Start by following these steps:

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Weight loss answers
Weight Loss

Answer Just 3 Questions to Help You Lose Weight

Here are 3 questions to answer that will get you on your way to losing weight. Since the 1800s, Americans have been suckered by crooks promising quick and easy weight loss gimmicks. When you read some of these, they are pretty funny but at the time, people fell for them. Just like now, we are still falling for them. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry. Whichever the diet, you will find studies showing that weight loss happens in the beginning but all the weight comes back if not more over time.

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Unmotivated to Exercise? Try This.

Even if you’re an avid exerciser, you’re still at risk of heart disease if you sit for a living so listen up.  For every hour of sitting, we increase our coronary artery calcification by 14%.  Over time, this narrows the artery and leads to heart disease.  So hitting the gym hard doesn’t offset 9 hours of sitting for work yet just 2 minutes per hour of movement can really reduce the risk of death by 33%. Here are some ideas to start moving throughout the day:

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