Beat Failure and Find Diet Success

The first problem with diets is the dieting. Strange, right? But it’s not so strange when
you think about it. People on a diet are usually miserable. And why wouldn’t they be? Dieting is just like giving a kid a toy and then taking it away from them. That’s just how we feel about food. We’re all children at heart.

Stop calling it a diet
When you’re eating salad all day, you’re not dieting, you’re starving yourself. When you decide to eat less, it’s an emotional decision and, in most cases, we’re talking about negative emotions. Deep down, you feel it’s unfair, but you want to punish yourself at the same time. That’s why you go from Big Mac to Big Nothing. So reanalyze the way you think of eating. Your relationship with food should be re-shaped and it needs an inspiration to guide you along.

Think before you eat
Starting tomorrow, make a mental note to analyze how you eat, why you eat, and what your comfort food is. You’ll probably find recurring cookies or burgers in your life, the not so hidden lovers that make you feel better for a half an hour. If you’re eating because of stress or other negative feelings, now’s the time to start being a bit more conscious about yourself. The right mindset is vital. Don’t worry about having a treat from time to time, worry if that treat is a fake solution for a bigger problem.

Get a big breakfast
Scrambled eggs on toast plus salad plus whatever you feel like eating is what gets you through the first part of the day. No breakfast means huge dinner, which is a bad idea. More food earlier in the day means weight loss, while the other way around means weight gain, plus some cholesterol for good measure.

Know yourself
You’re not eating what you like when you’re on a diet. You should be eating what you like. If you want a happy lifestyle, eating oats all day will transform you into a big oat. What does your body need? How active are you? When do you need more energy during the day? Answer these questions, find what you love, and eat mindfully.

Now go out there and start by quitting the no-carb diet.  You’ll do yourself a favor.

Guest Blogger, Tara Heath is a freelance writer in Southern California. With a background in nutrition, she enjoys helping others eat healthy and still enjoy what they eat. She contributes health and beauty content to the Bellezza Spa blog, where you can read more of her work.

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