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Answer Just 3 Questions to Help You Lose Weight

February 1, 2021

Since the 1800s, Americans have been suckered by crooks promising quick and easy weight loss gimmicks.  When you read some of these, they are pretty funny but at the time, people fell for them.  Just like now, we are still falling for them.  It’s a multi-billion dollar industry.  Whichever the diet, you will find studies showing that weight loss happens in the beginning but all the weight comes back if not more over time.  Here are 3 questions to answer that will get you on your way to losing weight.  Remember that willpower is finite (often very weak by the end of the day as you may have already experienced).

  1. Why? Why do you want to lose weight?  Is it detrimental to your health, quality of life, or is extra weight blocking your joy?  Know the REAL reason but keep in mind that we are not all meant to be skinny just like we’re not all good at math, can grow tall (I wish, for volleyball), or have size 6 feet (for some it’s important).  We come in different sizes and shapes.
  2. What? What is your focus?  What you focus on is what will grow.  If you focus on all things blue around you and then I ask you to close your eyes and tell me what’s red, you’ll have no idea.  Focus on adding vegetables, movement that is fun, listening to your body, and get rid of the food police.  He’s a nuisance and will only lead to self-sabotage.  Don’t make food good or bad.  Ditch the scale and focus on your input, things you actually have control over.  By the way, check your story.  It will progress you or hinder you.  (More on this when we speak specifically about YOU.)
  3. How? How do you speak to yourself?  Will you continue to shame, guilt, and judge your every action?  This only leads to lower self-esteem, depression, eating disorder, MORE weight gain, etc.  Here is a perfect litmus test:  Would you say it to your 10-year old daughter?  If what you say will damage her, be sure that it IS damaging you however silent you keep it.  Treat yourself with more respect please.

I bet if you focus on these 3 questions forever (not just while you’re on a plan), you will drop weight.  If you focus on your power and doing things your way, you won’t have to follow another diet that will be proven ineffective as it’s being replaced by another fad diet.  Take the baby step towards things that work for you such as watching your sugar intake, eating amazing food but in smaller quantities, mostly home cooked, mostly plant-based, lots of whole food flavors, watch your constant snacking, be careful of meat-heavy diets like the Atkins, Keto, Paleo, etc.  Empower yourself to create a combination that makes sense to you and works.  If it’s on your terms, it will last (aka – locus of control, if these terms interests you).  What can you do that will last.  Remember, every diet has an end.  Your life and vitality lasts much longer.  Let’s make this new “diet” simply who you are and your daily habits.

Let me help you automate instead of banking on willpower.  You WILL exhaust willpower.  That is certain!  Change your mindset, change your outcome.  Change your environment, change your outcome.  I can’t wait to support you and get you unstuck, but please start by being kind to yourself.

Get a free health consultation.  See if this is the right match for you by addressing weight loss, cravings, emotional eating, balanced diet, disease prevention, and getting to the root cause of what’s keeping you stuck.

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~ Samantha Hua, Nutrition & Holistic Health Coach, San Diego, CA